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New Look

After much organizing and re-organizing the web site now has a simpler and cleaner layout which should make it easier to use. The main site now focuses on providing information on the frameworks and downloading the latest release along with a new Cookbook which provides information on how to use Transform and Translate. All the developer related information: release history, release notes, repository information, task lists and milestones are now located in a separate Developer Portals hosted by CodeSpaces.

The Cookbook is designed to provide more information than the simple set of examples that have been available to date. More complex examples, how-tos and general information about Flash will be added in the future.

There are two Developer Portals, one for the Java versions of the code and the other for the C++ versions. If all you want to do is get the latest release and find out how to use the frameworks then you can safely ignore the developer portals – everything you should need can be found on the main site. The portals are geared towards developers contributing to the projects or to find out whether a bug has been reported or fixed.

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