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Transform 2.3.1 for Java released

Transform SWF 2.3.1 for Java is now available for download. This release fixes bugs in the handling of MP3 files and an important bug when displaying text using Java 1.5+

Bug Fixes:
14438. FSGradientFill incorrectly limits number of gradients.
14441. FSExceptionHandler does not decode correctly.
14442. FSLayer does not merge correctly.
14444. FSSoundConstructor does not decode MP3 frames correctly.
14449. Text is offset when using Java 1.5 or higher.
14685. Error encoding Flash Video files.
14686. Error decoding ID3 tag in MP3 files.

The release notes, http://www.flagstonesoftware.com/downloads/transform-java-2.3.1.txt has all the details.

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