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Now in Beta

Version 3.0 of Transform SWF for Java is now officially in beta. Rather than run with this for an enternity (Google, I’m looking at you) the goal is to get to a production release by the end of the summer – nominally early September.

The focus of work from now on is to start expanding the unit tests and so lessen the dependence on testing with real-world Flash files. Although these are useful and provide a great way of verifying that the code does really work as opposed to simply passing the tests it is not practical to include them in directly in the project for various reasons – file size and copyright being the two largest issues.

All the planned refactoring has been completed so the API should be considered stable. If there are changes, most likely resulting from feature requests I will send out notification in advance so there are no suprises on the next update.

This version is also available from the Maven Central Repository:


A big thank you to Sonatype for providing a Maven repository for Open Source projects and rapid syncing with Maven Central.

Regular status reports and details of any issues reported will be posted on the transform-swf-updates mailing list.

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