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News & Events

  • 01
    FEB 2011
    Transform SWF 3.0.2. released.
    This is a maintenance release of Transform SWF for Java with fixes for known issues and bugs reported using FindBugs.
  • 01
    FEB 2011
    Cookbook SWF 1.1. released.
    New examples for searching and extracting objects and definitions from a movie.
  • 01
    FEB 2011
    Transform SWF 2.3.4. released.
    This is a maintenance release for the previous version of Transform SWF for Java and contains improved decoding of WAV files.
  • 30
    NOV 2010
    Transform SWF 3.0.1. released.
    This is a maintenance release of Transform SWF for Java with fixes for bugs when decoding JPG images and MP3 sounds.

How We Can Help

We can help with the simple and the complex; with generating Flash files or updating existing ones.

For software development we can help with projects large and small. From Banner Ad builders to generating and delivering content to networks of digital signs and displays on corporate networks we have the development expertise to get the job done.

Our file repair service lets you update a URL or change a logo right away and avoid a time-consuming anD expensive trip to the ad-agency to have the file re-authored.

To get your project up and running quickly we can provide advice on the best way to use our libraries to ensure your team gets results as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Us?

  • 1Experience. Since 2002 we have been developing solutions to take advantage of Flash.
  • 2Knowledge. We know the difference between what works and what works well.
  • 3Simplicity. Our libraries are easy to use, so you can be up and running with a minimum of fuss.
  • 4Service. From mentoring to development we can help at all levels to ensure your project is a success.


The transform library is outstanding for creating and/or decompiling SWF files. The codebase is really well structured and easy to use and expand. I've looked everywhere for a library or program like this and nothing comes close. Also Flagstone have been extremely helpful with fast responses on support and improvements. Thank you for a great product!
Pål Østerud, AdMechanic
Flagstone Software did a great job for us generating custom SWF animations from our libraries. The result has been a great saver of time and cost. The service has been extraordinary. We have been extremely satisfied with the results and with the high level of expertise and support provided by Flagstone throughout this process.
Z.G. Liang, Qiaokou