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Software Development

We have been developing applications that use our libraries since 2002. From generating Banner Advertisements through to publishing systems for private networks and corporate intranets we can help you get the most out of Flash.

The server-side applications we develop are written in Java, either as highly reliable daemons or as components that are integrated to existing web applications. An increasing part of our work is developing stand-alone web services that can be integrated into work-flows that operate across several servers or applications.

On the desktop again applications are typically written in Java, though we also have some expertise with libraries available for other languages such as C++. The applications are usually designed to complement a server-based work-flow for example allowing designers to preview Flash files that will be used as templates to publish information obtained from third-parties - guaranteeing that what you see is what you will get.

Project Delivery

To meet your goals and ensure success we create project plans with with clear objectives and strong oversight:

  • Fixed Price. With well-defined features and requirements we can deliver projects for a fixed price.
  • Phased Delivery. Projects are created with distinct phases to break a problem down into manageable pieces.
  • Scheduled Milestones. Within phase there is clear set of milestones to track progress.
  • Defined Deliverables. Allow the work to be assessed and ensure that each phase builds on the previous.

Once a project has been completed we provide six months of full technical support to address any issues and fix any bugs.

Even if you have just the outline of an idea we can help you create a project plan that can turn it into reality, with either Flagstone delivering the final application or the vendor of your choice.


Flagstone produced a high-quality piece of software with clear and simple documentation. Their approach was professional and they delivered to their promises. We would not hesitate to work with them again.

- Ievers Shier, RightMove
Kewego has been working very efficiently with Flagstone for several years: good understanding of projects, effective software development, always on time deliveries, and an affordable price... all good reasons to keep working with Flagstone.

- Sylvère Bruneaux, Kewego