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Project Information

Roadmap Updates

  • 21
    JAN 2011
    Added details on bug fixes included in the releases for Version 2.3.4 and Version 3.0.2.

Roadmap For Transform SWF

New features and updates planned for the different versions of Transform SWF.

Version 2.3.4

Will be released on: 31-01-2011

Bug Fixes

  1. FSSoundConstructor cannot decode WAV files with unsupported chunk types.

Version 3.0.2

Will be released on: 31-01-2011

Bug Fixes

  1. ScreenPacket constructor throws a NullPointerException.
  2. ScreenPacket constructor transposes width and height when creating ImageBlocks.
  3. ConvolutionFilter.equals() uses object identity when comparing matrices.
  4. ConvolutionFilter.hashCode() uses object identity for matrix attribute.
  5. ConvolutionFilter.toString() now displays matrix attributes.
  6. DefineTextField.toString() returns an empty string.
  7. FontFace.equals() compares name attribute with itself.
  8. DefineFont4 constructor correctly decodes bold and italic fields.
  9. PNGDecoder.getImage() returns indices not pixels for an indexed image.
  10. BMPDecoder.getImage() returns indices not pixels for an indexed image.
  11. Gradient.equals() now compare the object to Gradient and not Kerning.
  12. GlyphIndex.equals() now compare the object to GlyphIndex and not Bounds.
  13. IllegalArgumentValueException.toString() uses object identity for values.
  14. SWFFontDecoder throws a ClassCastException decoding DefineFont2 objects.

Code Changes

  1. The nested class Envelope.Level is now defined as a static inner class.