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You can find PGP signatures for each of these files and earlier releases of Translate SWF on the Downloads page. Snapshots of the new release (Version 3.0) are also available.

Open Source License

Translate is covered by the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license means that you can use it in any project you want: open or closed source; free or commercial. You have no obligation to Flagstone other than to respect the ownership of the code.

Translate SWF

Translate SWF allows you to create Flash files with the full power of the Actionscript language. The compiler supports the full syntax of Actionscript 1.0 giving complete control over the programming environment available in the Flash Player.

Key Features

  • Full support for Actionscript 1.0.
  • Integrates fully with Transform SWF for generating complex Flash files.
  • Create files fully compatible with the latest version of Flash.
  • Create sophisticated event handlers for buttons and movie clips.
  • Supports Flash 7 event model for movie clips and buttons.
  • Enhanced with preprocessor directives to allow conditional compilation.
  • Parser supports full syntax checking and accurate error reporting.
  • Open Source, BSD licence is free for commercial use.

An Example

This example, in Java, shows how to compile the following Actionscript event handlers:

onClipEvent(mouseDown) {

onClipEvent(mouseUp) {

to control a simple movie clip:

int width = 4000;
int height = 4000;

FSMovie movie = new FSMovie();
ASParser parser = new ASParser();
FSShapeConstructor canvas = new FSShapeConstructor();

try {
    // Compile the script containing the event handlers
    ASNode node = parser.parse(new File("script.as"));
    byte[] bytes = node.encode(movie.getVersion());

    int shapeId = movie.newIdentifier();
    int clipId = movie.newIdentifier();
    // Create a simple shape to animate in a movie clip
    canvas.add(new FSSolidLine(20, FSColorTable.black()));
    canvas.add(new FSSolidFill(FSColorTable.red()));
    canvas.rect(2000, 2000);
    FSDefineShape2 rectangle = canvas.defineShape(shapeId);
    FSDefineMovieClip clip = new FSDefineMovieClip(clipId);
    clip.add(new FSPlaceObject2(shapeId, 1, 0, 0));
    clip.add(new FSShowFrame());
    // Set the handlers for the movie clip when it is displayed
    FSPlaceObject2 place = new FSPlaceObject2(clipId, 1, 0, 0);
    // Put everything together in a movie
    movie.setFrameSize(new FSBounds(-width, -height, width, height));
    movie.add(new FSSetBackgroundColor(FSColorTable.lightblue()));
    movie.add(new FSShowFrame());

} catch (IOException e) {
    System.err.println("Could not write file.");
} catch (ParseException e) {
    System.err.println("Line: " + parser.getLineNumber());