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Archive for September, 2010

Well, It Took A While

After an elephantine gestation period Transform SWF 3.0 has finally been kicked out of the door and is ready for life in the big, wide world.

The big new feature is that the code supports Flash 10. Another important change is that now you can write your own decoder classes, so for example, if you want to process files to extract or update only the images you can easily write a class that decodes only the image tags and leaves everything else as binary data. Combined with the new stream based I/O this means that you can easily process large numbers of files without using much memory. Pretty much everything else was refactoring, cleaning up and generally making everything as pretty as possible. So if you are already using Transform SWF 2.3 then the new code will appear familiar, though the methods may have changed. All the Cookbook examples have been ported to use version 3.0 so this is the best place to get oriented with the new API.